Skype Forensics for iPhone

Skype analyzer module in Oxygen Forensic Suite retrieves all available data from native Skype client:

  • Chat history with individuals (including unauthorized contacts) and groups
  • Contact list with photos, all fields and notes
  • Sent SMS text, recipient phone number, timestamp and cost
  • Complete calls information: recipient name or phone number; direction; length; time stamp and even cost
  • Skype account details: name, address, phone numbers, e-mail, birthday and other information filled by suspect

Skype Connection analyzer module shows all chats in a plain list by default. To inspect certain chat history an expert uses multi-tab history viewer in the bottom of the window. Chat history includes not only text messages, but even tracks what files were sent during the certain chat session. Section offers common abilities to filter and sort events by type, timestamp, recipient and other fields.

Oxygen Forensic Suite is the only cell phone forensics software that allows analyzing Skype chat, SMS, call history and contact list.

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