Deleted data recovery in iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

Deleted data recovery is a very important feature of any cell phone forensic software. Deleted data can
hide a lot of valuable information for an examiner. And the main aim is to reveal this hidden information.

One of the places where examiner can find deleted data is database files. Usually entries are not deleted
permanently at once and stay in database for a long period of time. Here is where SQLite viewer can really help.

There are a plenty of database files in SQLite format in Apple, Android devices, Symbian Series 60 smartphones.
These files contain various application data like history, logs, settings and information itself.
Data can be marked with GEO-coordinates and/or timestamp that help to determine where the suspect was at
a certain moment.

SQLite Viewer for Oxygen Forensic Suite offers convenient analyzing of device data:

  • Parse SQLite database files.
  • SQLite Viewer runs automatically when opens compatible file.
  • Shows data in a convenient table view.
  • Displays deleted blocks of data.
  • Ability to open external files for analysis.

Watch SQLite Viewer intro  tutorial.

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