Application data analysis: logins, passwords, history, cache

Applications addon for Oxygen Forensic Suite 2011 retrieves numerous application data from a mobile device. Section offers the following main features:

  • Get logins and passwords to the app
  • Find geo-location of the last run
  • Inspect all used or created app files
  • Know exactly when the app was used
  • Access to system and user apps
  • Customize “User data” output format
  • View all apps activities with times
  • Filter apps by a certain term
  • Export and print selected items

Applications addon shows detailed information about system and user applications installed on a device. Most popular applications like Bump, eBuddy, Echofon for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn, fring, HeyTell, ICQ, IM+, and many many other have a special User Data data tab. This tab contains aggregated data of the application prepared for convenient analysis. Because of the open format of Application User Data Templates experts can easily change the way of the data output and create own templates for other applications.

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