Why Oxygen Forensic Suite?

Device identification and stats

Retrieve device details like IMEI, firmware, network status and calculate overall device stats like number or contacts, calls, messages, photos and so on.


View contacts with photos, field labels, speed dials, birthdays and groups.


Discover user SMS, MMS, E-mail, Beamed and other types of messages and their attachments both in Standard and Custom folders.

Event log

Analyze user calls, SMS, GPRS and WiFi sessions to reveal primary releations and internet activity.


List user meetings, anniversaries, reminders and other types of events to determine suspect schedule.


Examine notes made by device users.

File Browser

View the entire device file system including photos, videos, voice records, documents geo files and all other


A single place where the examinor finds all events and objects of the device that have a time stamp and view them in a chronological order grouped, filtered or sorted

Web connections and Location services

Find out all the places where the suspect or background device services accessed internet and view them on the map or Google Earth.


Check the whole list of applications and dig a lot of user data like account names, passwords, history, run and installation time stamps.

Web browser cache analyzer

Display the list of Internet sites visited by a user, look through the cached files and bookmarks in preinstalled or 3rd party browsers.


Identify the words and phrases entered by the device user while making notes, writing messages.

Skype analyzer

Analyze all data stored in Skype client of the device: chats, calls, messages, contacts and multiple user profiles.

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